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01. Just Before I Fell In Love track at myspace
05. Get The Funk Out of D.C. Campaign '08 Theme Song
04. Vitamin U sample
03. So Far From Heaven sample
08. Moving Sidewalk sample
10. The Only Way sample
02. Have To Love You sample
06. The Suburbs sample
12. Crunk Funk (Aw, Girl) sample
07. Happy Being Bored sample
09. Little Pink Book sample
11. As Far As The Eye Can See sample

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Reverse Engineer Oppression framework

Other organizations that are doing smart, effective and extremely important work, but I haven't given time or money to yet (mostly because I didn't see myself as skill-fit.) National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Indivisible, Swing Left, Flippable, Sister District


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Genealogy & Genetics

When I was a child, cousin Norman (AKA Buddy and Nature Boy) used to visit from Colorado to talk to my Mom about family history. I only recently learned that he is my Mother's first cousin as a result of doing genealogy. Whoever your parents call cousin, you wind up calling cousin, but most of the time you have no idea how you're related to them.

In the 80's we had several family reunions that alternated between Michigan, Virginia and West Virginia. As the oldest generation became elderly, we stopped having the reunions. But I remember the Thurston, Hall family tree put together by my cousins Millie and Bridget.

It wasn't until June 2013 that I ventured into genetic testing. I had always wanted to do it, but the cost was $500-800 and up, and I could afford it, but could put that money somewhere else too. When I discovered that the price had dropped to $99, I jumped on it.

So in June 2013 I orderd my dna kit from 23andme, worked up enough saliva and sent it off, not really knowing what to expect. Why did I choose 23andme? Click here to continue reading.